Do you want to monitor WhatsApp chats of another person? Parents might be interested in online conversations of their children to prevent them from cyberbullying, sexting or misconduct. The business persons must supervise the WhatsApp messages of their employees to keep them from harassment, unproductive debates and unauthorized data transfer. Whatsoever the reason is to monitor WhatsApp messages of someone else, there is a cell phone spy app to do so. The app lets you know what you’re concerned person does on the instant messenger and what he communicates through the most popular messaging app. Read on to know about the best WhatsApp monitoring app of the year 2020.

An Overview of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app at the moment. It offers a wide range of amazing features to communicate with people across the world. It enables the user to exchange text, visuals, voice, contacts, GPS location and more stuff. Moreover, it offers free voice and video calls. The app does not charge anything and uses the internet connection to enable the user to communicate with online buddies worldwide.

It is very simple to set up an account on the instant messaging app. WhatsApp does not ask for personal information to verify your account. It only requires a valid mobile phone number to let you use the instant messenger. The phone number you provide is used as your identity and other persons using WhatsApp can find you through this number.

Spy on WhatsApp Messenger

If you are concerned about WhatsApp use of your children or employees, you can make use of the WhatsApp tracker app to keep tabs on the instant messages of your concerned ones. The spy app enables the user to remotely supervise online chats and digital activities of offspring and workers without them knowing. Remaining anywhere in the world, parents can find out how their kids use the instant messenger. They can remotely supervise their chats, contact list and status updates and calls. Similarly, the business persons can oversee the conversations of their working staff with the use of the WhatsApp surveillance app.

How the WhatsApp Spy App Works

The tracking app for instant messengers works with complete secrecy. Once you install the app on the targeted android phone, it gets access to data saved on the phone including data relevant to WhatsApp messenger. It syncs messages, calls logs and contacts, and makes the data available to parents and employers by uploading it to a confidential online account. By logging into that account, the end-user of the spy app can access the relevant information.

Main Features of the WhatsApp Tracker

Using the spy app for WhatsApp messenger, parents and employers can monitor almost all activities performed on the instant messaging app. It comes with a wide range of high-tech spying features. We have discussed here the most significant features of the surveillance app.

Screen Recording

Screen recording is the most advanced and useful feature of the WhatsApp spy app. It allows monitoring almost every activity performed on the instant messenger. It lets the user see what the target is doing on the communication app. For instance, it shows what is being typed or watched on the messenger. The end-user can send command for screen recording through the online control panel of the spyware. On receiving the command, the app starts capturing screen of the targeted device letting the end-user to watch whatever appears on the screen in real-time.

Chat Monitoring

All the messages received and transmitted by your kids and employees through the instant messenger can be monitored with the help of the instant messenger spy app. The app automatically accesses incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages of the target and uploads to the confidential online account. The end-user can read these messages and get contact detail of converser by logging into the online account. In addition to it, the end-user can watch photos, videos, audios, stickers and emoticons attached to the message. 

Call Tracking

The voice and video calls made and received by your kids and employees can be tracked and evaluated with the help of the spyware software. It provides access to WhatsApp call logs and lets you know when a call was made or received through the messenger.