If you are looking for a shaver in the morning, I might be confused in two categories.

  • Electric shavers
  • Razors.

What happened?

Any shaving method can be used, as well as various companies and opponents. Each shaving method meets your needs. The scope is likely. In other words, the swing method is not as advanced as other methods. These are the preferences and priorities of people.

However, some people may not realize the difference between the two main categories of shaving tools, so we have collected information about each tool and its advantages and disadvantages.


Traditionally, thanks to razors, there are two main forms of razors:

  • Disposable blade razors maintained in supermarkets (3 and 5 blade versions are always available).
  • Small safety razors with double support Steel equipment.

Razors also have a sharp blade. It is believed that safety shavers shave more than disposable razors with multiple blades. Sometimes razors can irritate the skin and also produce unhealthy hair. When you use a disposable razor, difference between a safety razor and a razor is not so huge.

If you take it seriously, the razors you want to use have numerous significant advantages over electric razors. The razor is closer, giving you more control over the position and operation of the blade. The razor are not so expensive, easy to use, and easy to maintain and require no batteries or recharging.

However, razors have many disadvantages. If you don’t like the situation when the razor burns out, the razor works only on wet skin, so you need to spend a few minutes filling your face with moisturizer and foam. Various creams and soaps used to wash your face increase the cost of regular shaving. In addition, given their ingredients, they cannot adhere well to the skin. Another disadvantage is that when shaving with (relatively) unprotected blades, you can choose between small and large cuts or large if you do not know what to do.

In Summary, Using A Razor To Shave Is Sweet For Those Who:

  • Have time and patience to use slower shaving methods
  • They are sure they will avoid cuts or damage to the skin with a razor
  • Do not worry about spending more money on shaving cream / soap

Electric Shavers

These devices look very luxurious and elegant. However, they existed in the 1920s, and the main one was patented by Jacobsic (yes, this stylish) ​​in 1928. Razors are available in two forms:

  • sheet
  • periodic

The first uses foil to cover the blade for a deeper shave. The former, on the other hand, uses a series of rotating blades to improve shaving with less creaking.

Although the razor provided by electric razors is more closed and accurate than razors, electric razors have many advantages. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to cut yourself with an electric razor. As a result, razors usually require less effort and experience than razors with open blades. Using an electric razor is much faster than using a razor. This is because no moisture or foam is needed.

However, Best Electric Shaver 2020 is long-lasting and has no shortcomings. Electric shavers guarantee a lot. As mentioned above, one of them is not so creaky. The main opposite drawback of electric shavers is that since many blades move back and forth and rotate faster, even less sensitive skin can suffer from razor burns during use. Various minor flaws include the constant need for improvement and maintenance, the need for batteries and charging, and lenses that are more valuable than their manual counterparts.

In Summary, Electrical Shavers Are Smart For Those Who:

  • Who like to shave faster.
  • Pay for more expensive ways to shave.
  • Don’t worry about shaving.