When you are planning to launch your YouTube channel you should focus on three primary things.

  1. Creating and optimising your channel
  2. Having a thorough on the audience and understand the requirements of the audience
  3. Knowing about the best ways for influencing your audience and converting your channel into a brand

If you are able to make good quality videos as per the requirement of the audience, but you fail to implement the essential marketing tactics, there is no use of your YouTube channel.

Therefore, when you have a quality product you must have an effective marketing strategy. Some of the common practices that can help you to get the required attention and number of views on YouTube without any need to buy YouTube views are discussed briefly in the blog below.

1. Know Your Competitors

If you want to grow your business, the first thing you require is competitor analysis. You might find millions of YouTube channel for your business niche. Well, there might be a few thousand potential competitors. You have to analyse their strength and aim at serving better to your audience.

2. Make Use of Effective SEO Techniques

Every video upload on your YouTube channel must be optimised for the search engine. For optimising your YouTube video, you have to follow the following tips.

  1. Make use of a relevant title with the use of necessary keywords. You can take help from Google Adwords Keyword Planner for choosing the right keywords.
  2. Make a thumbnail for your channel as well as video.
  3. Write a detailed description of your video that should be interesting as well as engaging.
  4. Do not forget to make use of hashtags at the end of the description. You can use as good as 15 tags for each video description.
  5. Watermarks are only ways to customise as well as authorise your videos. It leaves a lasting effect for your brand name on audience as well as it has its own benefits for SEO.

3. Upload Your Videos as Per the Schedule

The channels that have a definite time and days for their video uploads usually have higher audience and subscribers compared to the channels that move without a timetable.

Irrespective of the number of uploads in a week (that can vary based on your niche), It is important to maintain the frequency. If you have started with the upload of videos on every alternate day on your channel, you have to maintain it at least till you get the desired number of viewers and subscribers.

Most of the channels take two to three years to get the ranking on the YouTube platform. Even after you have the desired place on the platform, you can reduce the number of uploads but then too you must have a definite schedule for uploading.

Final Words

If you follow the easy marketing tactics written in the blog above, you would not require to buy YouTube views. You can optimise the search for your channel and get the number of views for free. Though it may take higher time compared to paid promotions, yet it is effective as well as result-oriented.