This car is famous and unique for a lot of reasons. It has an affordable price tag, easy and comfortable driving, attractive exterior and it is also fully automatic. Suzuki Alto is kind of similar to the much loved Mehran especially in the body’s dimensions but it has added many new designs and innovative technology. Read the review below to have an insightful depth of this gem of a car.

Suzuki Alto Exterior

The car’s body has a rectangular shape with an integrated indicator inside the big headlights and a small sized grille. Since the economy sector cars have the main concern of fuel economy, Alto is aerodynamically designed to extract as much power from fuel as possible. To provide protection to the car from the nearby vehicles, steel fenders are incorporated. The wheels are radial and tubeless. The wheelbase is of 13 inches. The paintwork is done well. There are no wipers at the back window which is problematic because the windows of hatchbacks get clogged with dust easily. The cargo area looks big and appealing from the outside. Hatchbacks usually do not have enough cargo space behind but Alto has a big and decent amount of space in which a large suitcase can be fitted easily. The space can be increased by folding the rear seats.

 Suzuki Alto Interior

The build quality of the interior is a huge improvement from the previous cars of Suzuki. There is a two-tone color dashboard of grey and dark grey. This color combination is continued in the doors as well. The front seats are very welcoming with perfect cushioning. The seats are big too. The speedometer includes all the necessary information such as fuel average, range and fuel indicator.

The gear is situated at the front near the steering wheel in the VXL variant which is very accessible. The headroom and legroom is spacious. The infotainment system is very good with screen mirroring, SD card and a very easy Bluetooth connectivity. There is no reverse camera but it can be installed by the owner. There are ABS brakes inside the car.

Suzuki Alto Engine and Performance

Alto is powered by a powerful R-series, 3-cylinder 660 cc petrol engine which gives out 39 hp. This engine is also known as R06A and it is paired with an automatic transmission. The engine is very reliable and it provides a good fuel economy whereas the transmission absorbs shocks and bumps perfectly. The uniquely designed Auto Gear Shifter offers full control of the car during difficult cornering. AGS also offers fast acceleration when the gear is turned accurately. Another feature of Electronic Power Steering provides smoothness and allows the driver to ride comfortably while making sharp turns in all of the five gears. The setting of the clutch aids in the better control of the car. Moreover, the whole structure of the vehicle including the automatic engine intelligence improves the fuel efficiency. It takes only 8 seconds for the car to go from 0-60 km.

The fuel average of the car is a very strong point. The fuel average with the AC turned on, inside the city is 17.5 mpg. The gears can be changed conveniently even at a low RPM to conserve fuel.

Suzuki Alto Specifications

There are 3 variants of Suzuki Alto which are VX, VXR and VXL. VX does not include the air conditioner in it whereas the VXR has an AC. And lastly, VXL includes both the air conditioner and auto transmission.

Suzuki Alto Features

Some of the main features of Suzuki Alto include a keyless entry with animmobilizer, air conditioner, 4 cupholders in front and back, powered door lock, traction control, console box, airbags, retractable powered mirrors, analog climate control, ABS, defogger, roof-mounted brake lamp and power steering. Puncture repairing kit, tool kit and air pump are provided below the surface of cargo space. There is no spare tire that comes along but a puncture repairing kit is given which is a good alternative. A warranty of 3 years or 60,000 km is provided which is very impressive.

Suzuki Alto is available in 7 different colors which are white, silver, beige, red, black, blue and grey. This Suzuki car is truly a value for money vehicle with a wide array of spare parts and excellent manoeuvring. Considering how expensive fuel is and how difficult it is to find parking space in the city these days, Suzuki Alto is an optimal car as it provides both small size and impressive fuel economy.