The five verses of the first revelation directed light on the importance ofacquiring knowledge and education. It has convinced all Muslims to seek education. The Quran is guidance for humankind because all aspects of life are discussed with detail in it. Allah has promised 10 virtues for reciting a single word of the Holy Quran. Moreover, the recitation of the Quran gives us peace of mind and serenity.

Technology has filled the gaps to learn the Quran from your home:

Technology has connected millions of people from every corner of the world. With the help of internet, you can find anything by sitting on your sofa. Now you can connect with a satisfactory Quran teacher to get online Quran classes. Your laptop and internet is the only credibility for getting online classes. It does not matter what is your age, what is your color, to which race you belong to, whether you are rich or poor, and either you are a sinner or a worshiper of Allah. The thing which matters is how much you are interested in learning the Quran.

Get out from the darkness of ignorance and take online Quran classes:

I have two mischievous boys and live in the U.S. It was difficult for me to bring them to a mosque to learn the Quran. Once, I was taking them to the mosque and one of them ran towards the park. I was very worried about this waggish attitude. I have to be with them all the time that’s why I selected the online Quran academy in the USA. Through online classes, I did not have to take them to any physical place. Moreover, the Quran teacher is always regular.

The online Quran teachers build interest and encourage students to learn the Quran:

The schedule of online classes suits well with my busy routine as well. The experienced teachers from a reputable institute are good at delivering interesting lectures. The serious attitude and strict way of teaching of online Quran teachers helped my boys to learn the Quran with sincerity. No doubt, he is flexible at the same time. This is the quality of a good teacher to fluctuate his behaviors according to the demand of time. The face-to-face Quran learning facilitates parents to keep check and balance on teacher and learner as well.I felt that my sons developed an emotional attachment with learning the Holy Quran. The online Quran classes provided me with trained teachers that are blessed with the best communication skills.

The services meet with the standards of quality education:

Their teacher started from the basic level and suggested Noorani Qaida for learning the basic terminology of the Quran. From the very first day, the teacher focused on Tajweed and Tarteel. Now, my children can to recite the Holy Quran using the right pronunciation. The application of Arabic letters is now on their finger-tips. The online Quran academy in the USA is fulfilling religious obligations by providing quality Islamic education.

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