Hard water stains on shower tiles is a given because shower tiles are constantly exposed to water of all kinds in addition to a variety of foot traffic. All these elements when combined make it hard for tiles to remain spotless. The question, however, remains: what causes hard water stains?

Hard water is a type of water which has higher mineral content as opposed to other types of water. This water contains high percentile of magnesium and calcium which, upon coming in contact with water, leave behind stains and often build up over time. This build-up gradually results in permanent and resistant hard water stains.

Hard water stains are one such type of stain on shower tiles which are not only permanent but are resistant to everyday shower tiles cleaning techniques. Removing hard water stains from shower tiles is a feat unto itself but is not an impossible task. 

Various remedies exist which enable tile owners to efficiently rid their shower tiles of hard water stains. The choice of tile grout cleaner used in this regard makes all the difference in the shower tile cleaning results.

  • Using natural acids such as lemon juice and vinegar directly on stains helps remove the stain.
  • Making a paste of baking soda and vinegar and applying it directly on resistant hard water stains is another remedy.
  • Directly applying dry salt on stains has proven efficient in treating hard water stains. An added advantage of using salt is that it is a germ killer and thereby performs disinfecting functions as well.
  • A solution of borax with water is an effective tile grout cleaner. Direct application of this solution on stained tiles not only rids them off any stains but also eradicates any existing microbes and neutralizes foul smells.
  • Using tile grout cleaner which has hydrochloric acid is also guaranteed to give promising cleaning results. 
  • Applying industrially manufactured micro-abrasive cleaners is also suggested in this regard.

Treating hard water stains by using distinct tile grout cleaners is one thing; we need to prevent these stains from occurring altogether! Determining and treating the cause of the stains will result in less frequent stains on tiles and consequently fewer shower tiles cleaning frustration for you!

How to Prevent Tile Staining?

We understand that bathrooms and showers are two of the most humid and moisture accumulating places in any structure. Their moisture combined with daily water exposure and foot traffic contact makes it a daunting task to uphold the spotlessness of tiles. Moreover, there is always the threat of mould generation looming over your head. Tile contamination itself proves hazardous for health if left untreated; when mould formation kicks in the problems only multiplies two folds.

However, here are a number of everyday practices you can make use of to ensure putting off shower tiles permanent staining.

  • Regularly cleaning tiles is a given, whether it is your porch tiles, lounge tiles or shower tiles. All of them require daily extensive cleaning to avoid filth pile up.
  • Using warm water to mop your tiled floors once a while tends to get rid of dirt along with making it impossible for stains to harden on the tile surface and become permanent.
  • Wiping or mopping shower tiles after every bath is a healthy practice as it does not let the soap and dirty water stay behind on tiles and act on them adversely.
  • Proper ventilation of bathrooms and shower regions should be made the priority. Opening windows, using exhaust fans are all practices which keep the air flowing and maintain a normal temperature. This helps in avoiding moisture accumulation and temperature control makes sure that temperature favourable for microbial growth is not being maintained.

Not up for it? Call professionals

Being a tile owner is not an easy job, and we know all about the struggle. Maintenance of tiles requires owners to go the extra mile more often than they would like to, however amidst your busy life routines, we understand that cleaning every single tiles floor in your place can be overwhelming. This is exactly why professional service providers like Grout Expert exist; to alleviate your burdens. With our proficient shower tiles cleaning team and prompt services, we are willing to go the extra mile to uphold the sanitation of your tiles while you go on about your daily life. So, what are you waiting for? Call Professionals without any second thoughts and avail our customer friendly services.