Whenever we talk about cake, the first thing comes in the mind is baking. I know, you will say we can make a cake without baking. Like cheesecake, brownie, etc. But, still, 75% of cakes are baked. And, whenever we talk about baking people get afraid. Because sometimes the cake becomes hard and sometimes too soft. This is the so many people avoid baking. They prefer bakery or e-commerce sides for their cakes. So, if your cake also gets hard or too soft. It never bakes properly, then I am going to give you some tips. And, trust me after using it, your cake will be so fluffy and soft.

Correct Measurement of Ingredients

Whenever, we do the baking, the measurement of ingredients is very important. In 90% of cases, the wrong measurement of ingredients is the reason behind the imperfect baking. If you have to add 400 grams refined flour and 5-gram baking powder. Then add the exact amount of ingredients. It should not be 430-gram refined flour and 4-gram baking powder.  Because of uneven measurement, your cake gets sometimes hard or sometimes too soft.  Remember, one thing the measurement of dry and wet ingredient is different. So, it never measures both types of ingredients in the same way.  If you are new and, first time going to make a cake for the party. And, if you are not sure then, please don’t take the risk.  As a backup order cake online Bangalore or wherever you live. And, if your cake gets ruined and you don’t have any backup cake. Then don’t take stress, just go on Blooms villa website and order from here. They do same day cake delivery also.


Whenever we bake anything, it’s the right consistency very important. If your cake batter is too thick, then your cake will not bake properly. And, if your batter consistency is too liquidity, also your cake will not bake properly. So, you have to be very careful about the cake batter consistency.  So, while baking is careful about temperature and timing.

Temperature And Time

Whenever we bake anything, not only the cake but also cookies. I mean, whatever you bake, bake at the right temperature. And, also make sure, that your oven, microwave, or the pressure cooker should be preheated. With temperature, time is also very important in baking. If you have to preheat your oven for 10 minutes, then only preheat for 10 minutes. If your baking time is 24 minutes then it should not be 26 minutes. If you bake for a long time than actual, then it will burn. Same as, if you bake it less than it’s baking time then it will liquidity.

Using Fruits

Whenever we make a fruit cake, apple pie, tart by using citrus fruit. Then, you should be very careful about your ingredients and temperature. Be careful about your fruits, especially if you are using fruit juice. That time, you have to care about adding milk, juice, and water or whatever you add. Because you cannot add every fruit juice and fruit in every recipe. Every fruit has a different consistency, time of baking and require temperature. So, just remember these things while making fruit cakes & you can send flowers to delhi.

Use Butter

Instead of using ghee or oil use butter. Because it will not enhance the taste of your cake. But also, it will play a magnificent role in your baking. Richness and the creaminess of the butter will make your cake so spongy and delicious.  So, use butter in your cake, cookie, and tart also. And, also don’t forget to grease the baking mold or sheet with butter. It will help you in the demolding of cake from the cake mold.

Using Of Egg

We all use egg in a cake for making it soft and fluffy. So, many vegetarian people avoid it with butter and sugar. But, you know using egg is a tricky thing in baking. You have to careful while mixing egg, and also know which part you need to use. Because egg can make you’re baking easy and tricky too.  So, be careful while mixing the egg in the cake and about it’s the quantity too.

So, here some tips and tricks regarding baking. I hope, it will be helpful for you and your cake bake awesome.  When you use these tips and tricks.