There are a few easy steps to follow when you are learning how to clean fabric blinds. First, before you can learn how to clean fabric blinds, you need to get rid of all the dust and dirt that have built up over time. Soil can become very stubborn and is hard to get rid of.

Top-Notch Cleaner

You want to look for a top-notch cleaner so you can do this quickly and easily. That is why we recommend the Wilton Textured Cleaner. It uses a unique formula that works in several ways to get into the corners of your blinds without creating swirls or streaks.

Smooth Finish On The Surface

Part of its design to create a smooth finish on the surface. You want to avoid running water or pouring anything on them because that will only cause more damage. So be careful and gentle when washing Venetian blinds Dubai. Let them air dry after washing them.

Keep Them Dry After Washing

The next step in learning how to clean fabric blinds is keeping them dry after washing them. An excellent tip for keeping them dry is to put them in the dryer on a cold setting for about 15 minutes. This will help them absorb the moisture better and speed up the drying process. You don’t want to leave them on the radiator either.

Move Around To Remove Dust Particles

After you have taken care of the infected area, you can then take the blinds and move them out of the way so you can see the rest of the room. While you are doing this, wipe down the area with a clean rag or cloth. Then you can start again at the beginning, cleaning the area back from top to bottom.

Methods To Wipe Out Residue In Your Curtains Or Blinds

If you have curtains or drapes hanging over the top of the screens, you may need to remove them before you can get them off. Then you will want to run the cloth under water or soap, while still wet, and then wipe the area to remove any residue. By cleaning the fields carefully and with caution, you will prevent the threads or the glue holding the Curtains Dubai in place from coming loose.

Use A Damp Cloth To Get Rid Of Stains

  • Then, when you are at the top part of the blinds, you should use a wet cloth to get rid of any stains that may be left. Do not use a fabric that is too heavy, as this will make it much harder to get rid of. It is much easier to use a damp cloth than it is to take it back up to the top of the blinds.
  • Just be sure to have a clear view of the entire room so you can wipe down the blinds properly after cleaning. You want to make sure that no dirt or stain remains on the screens so you can put them back in place.
  • Rugs also need to be wiped down. Again, the picture can be helpful here, so you don’t miss any spots. If you can find a patterned rug that matches the pattern of the fabric blinds, you can try to use it to wipe the area.
  • For both of these steps, you will need to wash them before putting them away. When you are in the process of removing the rugs, you want to get rid of all the soap and water. Then be sure to follow the instructions on the label on how much water to use.
  • Finally, the fabric blinds are completely dry after this step. Now you can put them away in the closet. When they are scorched, you can go ahead and turn the blinds on for a test, and if everything looks good, you can go ahead and put them in place and let them set.


Be sure to follow the directions on the cloth when you are washing the blinds to make sure you have a clean product that is not just ineffective. You will also need to take the time to use caution when wiping the area, just as you would a carpeted in cleaning a Carpet Tiles.