Summers are always long and enduring, and one a new season is on its way you need to prepare your wardrobe properly. The use of light and cold clothes become so much common in summers, but that is not the only thing that is necessary for your wardrobe to function. You need the right tools to make your wardrobe work and balance things. I mean to talk about the coloured contact lenses that you are going to use in summers and how your summer wardrobe should work along with them.

Of course, your wardrobe will need a lot of changes with a different climate, that would require you to replace some of your cosmetics and your fashion tools. Here are a few basic tips and guidelines that we try to follow and tell our readers when it comes to summer fashion trends and how you can match your coloured contacts like the bright blue contact lenses with your summer clothing and get rid of any wardrobe malfunction.

Follow these steps to make your summer wardrobe work with your coloured contact lenses

1. Use bright and light coloured lenses

Summers always seem to bring out the best of us, they are always so refreshing and bright, and that is why the summer clothing are colourful and light. Similarly, your coloured lenses for summers should also be light and bright. You can easily find some of the best shades in bright colours such as blue, green, hazel and brown. A light and colourful wardrobe would seriously require some light and bright coloured contact lenses that would illuminate your eyes and your appearance. Your everyday clothing would completely rock.

2. Balancing The Colours

The time of summers is the easiest to get and wear your favourite coloured contact lenses. It is important that you wear the brightest and most vibrant of colours to balance your summer outfit and also to suit the summer mood.

For example you can use bright green colour along with your red dress or bright blue with a white dress on blonde hair would be perfect. People like to wear vibrant colours as their summer clothes to reflect the sun and so you can either wear matching coloured contact lenses or go ahead with contrasting colours. There are certain colours that would suit almost any summer clothing such as the bright hazel and honey brown colour. Some people go bold with light purple and bright red coloured lenses.

3. Make Use Of Blue & Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses

Like I said earlier, when it comes to summers, almost all the colours are useable. But blue has its own charm to it. You wouldn’t find blue coloured eyes quite often yet it is a natural eye colour found in some people around the world. If your skin tone is cool and you have blonde hairs, light blue would be the perfect fit with your summer clothing. Of course, you are going to wear something white or a colour light enough to reflect the sunshine. This is where you can use all the different shade of blue. It is one colour that is known for providing a cool effect and married with some nice cool clothing, it would simply be amazing.

Then we have the hazel coloured lenses that are applicable on warm skin tones and almost all the summer coloured clothing. They are a light version of brown, that said, you can try honey brown coloured contacts also.

You certainly don’t have to stick with lighter shades. If you believe that you can do better with some dark coloured contact lenses and make your summer wardrobe function at its best, then go ahead. Find something that would actually suit your mood and your dressing style.

Use Your Lenses Safely

While your clothing and dressing style is sure to be safe and sound and the worst you can go through is a wardrobe malfunction, you cannot take your coloured contact lenses as lightly as that. They are medical devices that you wear on your eyes. So that means there are certain rules and guidelines you need to follow to keep using them safely. Don’t worry, the rules may be very important to follow, but they are quite straight forward. Things you are required to do are washing your hands properly with soap and making sure that you maintain hygiene around your coloured lenses. Also, never share your coloured lenses with anyone regardless of them being your friends or family. So just follow these rules and you will be good to go.