What do you know about the popularity of a polo shirt? It is a prominent clothing item for both, men and women. Initially, this classic sport shirt was launched in long sleeves and as a button-down shirt, then it was upgraded to short sleeves polo sport shirt. So, there is a deep history that is, associated with polo shirts. Wholesale Polo sports shirts are famous among tennis players, polo players, and golfers. Today, they are used as a uniform by tennis, polo, and golf players. Polo shirts are popular among different age groups. They serve as athletic wear, casual wear, formal wear, and fashion wear. Due to the great popularity of polo shirts among golfers, they are also known by the name of “golf shirts”. Polo shirts are ideal for almost every occasion.

Different Options for Putting on Polo Shirts:

Choosing the right polo shirt according to an occasion is very imperative. There are different cuts, fabrics, and colors available to choose the right polo. Any ideas which polo shirt will suit your style? You should go with the type of a polo shirt that suits your complexion, silhouette, and personality. You can pair polo shirts in several ways to make a personal statement to people in your social circle. If you want a business casual look, then you can pair your polo shirt with a fitted blazer. If you want a casual chic look, then we recommend the women to go with their polo shirt with jeans, shorts, miniskirts, necklaces, and bracelets. If you do workouts, then you should go with the stretched cotton polo shirt together with the sweatpants, yoga pants, and fitness shorts. A polo shirt is a versatile top that is, available in different materials encompassing jersey knit, cotton, silk, and more.

What about Cotton Polos?

Cotton polo shirts are very famous among the customers in the USA (United States of America). They are very comfortable shirts. Interlock cotton polo shirts have a smooth texture, while pique knit cotton polo shirts give you a slightly coarser feel with its heavy texture.  There is one drawback of cotton that is, it is a wrinkle-sensitive material. So a cotton polo shirt can shrink after repeated washes.

Performance Polo Shirts:

Polo sports shirts or performance polo shirts are typically worn by tennis and golf players that are manufactured to take care of extreme weather conditions. There are two advantages of performance polo shirts that is, they wick moisture away and also protect the wearers from UV (Ultra-Violet) rays of the sun.

Jersey Knit Polo Shirts:

These polo shirts are very much similar to performance polo. They are made with quality and a piece of breathable fabric, so wearers will feel relaxed all the time while wearing these polo shirts. They are casual style polo shorts that can be expediently embroidered. So one may look stylish and sophisticated in these polo shirts.

Silk Polo Shirts:

Any clues how should you wear silk polo shirts? Silk polo shirts go well at weddings and dinners. These polo shirts are produced with the aid of shiny and smooth fabric that makes these polo shirts elegant and trendy. These polo shirts are ideal to wear under a fleece jacket or a trench coat. Polo shirts are not a good choice to wear for sporty activities. Do you know: Why? The material that is, used in the manufacturing of a silk polo shirt is not very breathable and sweat-resistant.

Polo Shirt and Different Seasons:

Polo sports shirts can work in all seasons for you. In the hot summer months, they are the best choice if you want to stay professional. In the autumn, you can maintain your casual business looks with the help of a polo sport shirt. In the cold weather, you need to pair your polo shirt with the right pieces of clothing, such as cardigans or blazers. In the spring, you can go with a light-colored polo sport shirt.


A polo shirt is a noticeable clothing item, and it is popular among both, the men and women. There is a deep history that is, associated with polo shirts. Polo shirts are also called golf shirts, and they are an optimal choice for every occasion. There are different options available to the wearers for putting on polo shirts. A cotton polo shirt can provide you the desired comfort. One cannot ignore the importance of a performance polo that is, popular among golfers and tennis players. Jersey knit polo shirts will let you feel breathable. Silk polo shirts are popular for attending weddings and dinners. A polo shirt is a piece of clothing that you can wear year-round. Polo shirts are usually the choice of wearers in summer; however, it does not mean that it cannot be worn in the autumn, winter, and spring. Lastly, wearing a polo shirt can work for wearers on every occasion.