Experts believe that if a brand is better than its competitors in terms of innovation, quality, customer focus, value for money, and marketing, it can stay ahead in the business world by gaining more market share.  

Although the aforementioned factors are crucial for survival, they aren’t enough to thrive in today’s belligerent and ruthlessly competitive market. There is another critical factor that plays an essential role in a brand’s success. That factor is product packaging—the last point of the relationship that connects brands with customers.   

To gain more market share, a brand needs to attract more customers, and to lure more customers; the brand needs an elegant packaging solution like custom gift boxes that can catch customers’ eyes in the overcrowded retail space. 

Let us look into the journey that highlights the significance of packaging and gather some valuable learnings from the successful packaging strategies of some leading brands.

Establish an Emotional Connection

With compelling messaging and powerful visuals, your custom gift boxes can help establish an emotional connection. Attention-grabbing colors, graphics, fonts, and catchy slogans can bring to mind specific feelings and memories. For instance, Coca Cola’s signature red color, wavy graphic, exemplary bottle shape, and logo evokes the emotions that instantly connect you with the brand.  

Differentiate your Product from Others

Today, each product has hundreds of alternatives, if not thousands. In this situation, it’s nearly impossible for customers to find and pick your product because all of them usually come in identical packages. As a result, customers can barely differentiate one from another. But a unique packaging design can set it apart.

To illustrate this idea, you can consider the example of Cadbury chocolate. It comes in a dark purple packaging that has been frequently copied. Consequently, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolates have failed to stand out in the retail stores. In contrast, Kit Kat’s iconic red packaging still distinguishes it from the herd. More importantly, it creates a premium perception of the product.    

Convey all Important Information

Each product has different ingredients, price, nutritional value, quantity, date of manufacture, expiry, warnings, brand name, contact info, and authority approvals. Together, this information help customers reach a decision faster.

 It also helps brands remember lesser things about other products they sell in the market. For example, unlike Pepsi, the zero-calorie Pepsi Black is made from artificial sweeteners like acesulfame-K, aspartame, and sucralose.

Help Protect your Product

Sturdy custom gift boxes said you ship your products far away without having to worry about external threats. This ensures that customers get your product in optimal condition. Take Domino’s pizza box, for instance. The quality packing not only ensures safe delivery but also doesn’t allow the toppings to stick to the top.

By the same token, rigid boxes keep fragile and delicate items safe during transit and storage. For example, if you offer home décor items such as a vase or pot, it’s hard to get them delivered in one piece without encasing in protective packaging.

Skyrocket your Sales

When you go to a supermarket, you come across various brands, and interestingly no one is trying to hard-sell them. You have the liberty to pick what you like. Here the selling is done by the packaging solution, by provoking the customers.

While going through the aisle, we note products that have attractive packages. If the boxes don’t excite us, we don’t put them in our shopping carts. However, if it creates a positive first impression with its intriguing artwork and nostalgia-inducing catchphrase, we won’t think twice before picking it up and putting it in the cart.