Social media has become the forefront of most marketing strategies globally for the brands and the reasons are obvious i.e. billions of active social media users, high engagement, diverse & intriguing content, and many more. 

The challenge for marketers & brands has been to make other channels as powerful as social media platforms. Especially when we talk about the website, the objectives are almost similar to social media marketing. 
Many marketers & brands integrate social media through social icons to leverage the benefits but they haven’t been that fruitful. The new solution called social media stream has been the perfect way to drive results for the website.

What Is Social Media Stream?

A social media stream is a feed of social media content that has been collected and curated from different social media platforms using hashtags, handle, tags, channels, profile, keywords, etc. 

This feed is then embedded on website as a social media stream. You can aggregate content from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. 

The social media stream is also known as the social media wall, or social media feed, or social feed. To create & embed a social media stream, you need to have a social media aggregator. 

The social media aggregator can help you easily & quickly create, customize, moderate, and embed a social media stream on your website. But how does the social media stream benefit your website? 

Benefits Of Social Media Stream On Website

1. Magnify Your Social Reach & Awareness

When you integrate social media content on your website then you create a link between your website and the social media where you can guide your website visitors to your social media profiles. 

This will help in magnifying your social media reach, brand awareness & exposure. Also, this will help you grow your social media following by bringing more & more audience to your social channels. 

2. Integrate All Social Profiles Into One Place

You know how powerful each of your social media profiles is and how many benefits you get from each one. But social media stream helps you bring all these social profiles into one. 

This is like combining all the powers to make a superpower, this way you can ensure collective and constant growth of all your social media profiles. Also, some people might be aware of your Instagram activities and not be aware of your activities on Twitter, so it will help you cross-channelize the audience. 

3. Build Social Proof With UGC 

Social media is a hub of user-generated content and in 2020, we know that UGC is the most powerful form of content due to its trustworthiness, authenticity, and reliability.

So, you can use social media streams to discover, collect, and curate all the valuable user-generated about your brand like customer experience, user reviews, testimonials, customer-uploaded photos, etc. and embed it on your website. 

This will help you build trust & credibility about your brand which will help you guide the user towards engagement & conversions.

4. Increase Engagement From Users

User engagement is a key metric that defines the success and impact of a website and content is the most crucial element to engage the user on your website. 

With the social media stream, you can curate the best and most engaging content from social media into a feed and display it on your website. It will help users to engage with this amazing content and stay on your website for a longer time.

You can even create visual galleries or product galleries with social media streams. As visuals are known to be way more engaging than the text content. This will lead to an increase in user dwell, reduced bounce rate, and help you get better results from your SEO strategy. 

5. Increase Conversions & Sales

Conversions and sales can be understood as the most important objectives for any website and content play a huge role in conversions on digital mediums thus you can use social media stream to boost your conversions and sales. 

Whenever a user comes to your website, they look for cues to turn their intention into conversions and when you display valuable information about the brand to the users along with reviews, customer experience, and testimonials, it helps in increasing conversions. 

The fact that over 90% of the users trust UGC to make their online purchase decisions and social feeds with UGC on website increase conversions by upto 60%.

How To Embed Social Media Stream On Website

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a product from Taggbox that lets you create, curate, and embed social media streams on your website. You can get content from different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. 

You can also customize your stream with themes, to make it more attractive & interesting along with content moderation to remove & restrict irrelevant content from the stream. 

Also, you get real-time automatic content updates to your stream, adding custom posts, measuring performance through analytics, responsive design, and much more. 

This tool supports many website platforms like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. 

2. SmashBalloon

Smashballoon is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and embed social media widget on the website. You can define the size, layout, rows, number of posts, etc. in your stream. 

The widget is responsive and easy-to-use for the users along with features for the moderation of content & posts on your feed. The infinity loader gives you the functionality to add a huge amount of posts to your social stream. 

It also provides the option to custom CSS to the social stream and you can also view comments on the social posts in the Pro version. 


Social media stream can help you hugely in improving the website performance and its returns on investments. We have also added the 2 best ways to embed social media streams on your website. 

Besides, the social media stream has many more advantages than those listed above. So, get started now, create your social stream now and explore for yourself how your website and brand can benefit from it.