capital smart city

Buying a home is never an easy decision because there are a lot of risks. One major concern most people usually have is would the value of their investment increase in the future? The truth is that the objective of the Capital Smart City is to offer people an investment of a lifetime. The value of properties here is bound to increase with time because the plan is just amazing. It caters to all your needs and offers you a modern and safe way of life. If you are looking for a place where you can raise your kids safely, then this is where you need to be.

Capital Smart City Features

Some amazing features of the city itself include the availability of light, gas, and water constantly. There will be no problems for people in this society because the design has a dedicated supply of all these amenities.

Capital Smart City is designed not just for Pakistanis in the country but also for Pakistanis abroad and foreigners who plan to spend a lot of time in Pakistan due to business and job opportunities. With the economic advancements and new projects happening in the present time, there is a need for a safe society for people coming into the country.

Smart Villas

Keeping the above detail in mind, the homes in the Capital City are designed to offer a modernized and smart way of life. The homes have the following features.

  • Smart windows and doors – You can lock them for security reasons
  • Smart switches – To keep pace with the technological developments, the homes in Capital Smart City are high-tech
  • Smart motion detectors – To ensure the security of homes, there are smart motion detectors installed
  • Remote access via mobile phones – This feature allows homeowners to connect their electronics via the internet of things and control them via their mobile devices
  • Magic box – This
  • Humidity and temperature sensor – These features allow the residents to know the weather condition at any time
  • Gas sensor – To prevent accidents, homes have gas sensors installed to ensure safety
  • CCTV outdoor and indoor cameras – This important feature keeps the society safe and secure for everyone living in this community
  • Automated door lock – This feature ensures that residences remain safe at all times. Sometimes we forget to lock our door, as such, this feature proves very useful

Great Lifestyle for Family

The location of the Capital Smart City offers people easy access to the Islamabad International Airport via the M-2 motorway. This allows easy access to other central locations of Islamabad. Sending children to schools and heading to work will be very easy for people living here. Moreover, there will be schools, malls, recreational centers, healthcare centers, pharmacies, etc., right inside the Capital Smart City. There will be networks of roads and pathways connecting different areas to make movement easy and safe in the neighborhood.

These details are just the tip of the iceberg. For more information and to book your home now for a great future investment, contact us now.