It looks so exciting when the two friends, the boyfriend and the girlfriend are out to chill in the town. And it becomes more than exciting when they chill out in the matching outfits and complement each other in a way. So today we will discuss some exciting matching outfit ideas for couples to chill out together.

My first choice is to give the couple a sporty look. And that is the reason that I have dressed them up in matching tracksuits. Now for a change these tracksuits are not made up of knitted hosiery but for as change these tracksuits are made of woven fabric. I have chosen a black and white combination for my friends. The track suit consists of a pair of track pants, an upper jacket and an inner T-shirt. These tracksuits go well with a pair of sport shoes that are very light. You can procure this track suit and the shoes from any branded store in the market.

This boyfriend and girlfriend matching outfits is very casual and can be worn daily for the in and out of the daily life. It is again a very sporty outfit for the couple. The man wears a pair of Bermuda shorts. On top of the shorts he wears a NIKE T-shirt and both are of black color. He also wears a pair of running shoes without socks and sports a pair of shades on his eyes. For the girl we have a NIKE T-shirt as well and over the shirt she is wearing a full sleeves jacket that is open in the front. For her lowers she has put on a pair of tight leggings that is just below knee length. She is also wearing a pair of running shoes and a pair of cool shades over her eyes and both are looking pretty cool.

The next pair of friends is resting on a fence with hand in hand and are discussing something of interest with each other. They both are wearing the same kind of outfit that is matching in every respect. They are wearing a rust colored T-shirt with the logo of NIKE printed in black at the front. As for the lowers they are wearing a pair of black jeans. The jean that is worn by the girl is shredded at the knees and is very tight fitting. They both are wearing a pair of white sport shoes that seem to be of the NIKE brand.

This couple seems to be chilling out in the winters as is obvious from their outfit in the photograph. They are both sporting a quilted jacket that is of royal blue color and is very warm. Under the jacket the boy wears a T-shirt in black and the girl wears a vest in black. Under the tops the pair is wearing denim jeans. The jeans of the girl is we cannot call it a shredded jeans but we can call it a torn jean as the fabric from the thigh of the girl has been totally ripped off leaving a gaping hole in its place. The boy is wearing normal; tight fitting jeans. Then both of them are wearing a pair of white sport shoes.